Winter Reads


This month we are taking a break from our usual
realm of dystopias to bring you a taste of some of the classics to read this
winter. These books have helped to shape some of the most popular books in the
genre and, even though they are not the most recent, they are all unbelievably
relevant to today’s society.

This month’s books are:

The Road – Cormac McCarthy

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

The Death of Grass – John

But why have we chosen to show them this month
of all months? Well, Fahrenheit 451 is all about fire. Yes, it might be to burn
books which we are completely and utterly against, but the entire concept of
fire is beautifully described and gives you a real warmth much needed in the
cold of December.

Winter is a season that greets us with a lack of
leafy trees and green, which The Death of Grass (maybe obvious from the title) is all about. In the near future, all grass crops are diseased meaning
that we cannot grow enough food – this seems fitting this month as all around
us the word is going into hibernation which can be quite bleak for a lot of

Now the cold is something that most of us feel
in the winter, which can be easily solved if we’re snuggled up by the fire with
a mug of steaming tea, but if you’re on the road struggling to survive, it can
be a a very different story. The Road really captures the warmth of fire, both
physical and theoretical, as they need it to not freeze, but also to hold onto
the light to stop the bleakness from spreading. People who suffer with any form
of mental health problems should be able to relate to this, as sometimes the
good is not easy to find, which this book stresses that hope is essential to
keep hold of.

Look out this month for our reviews of all three
books and make sure to pick yourself up a copy of each to get you through this
gloomy winter.

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