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Here in the UK we have hundreds and thousands of different
books available at our fingertips, but are we taking this for granted? In 2013
alone, the UK published over 184,000 new and revised titles according to the
International Publishers Association, which brings the UK the 5th highest
publishing industry in the world.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a book, but many people
around the world are not as fortunate, as Book Aid International expresses.
Book Aid International is a charity set up to spread the love of books to those
who are not in a place where reading is available, which is something very much
needed to prevent a dystopian future where books cease to exist.

Their appeal, Open Doors, was set up to create specific areas in African
libraries where children can read, play and learn, giving them the opportunity
to discover the freedom that reading can offer. They have already created 21
children’s corners, 16 months into the project, and have sent 82,578 books to
Open Doors libraries.

Another area that the charity prides itself in is its donation of books to
African countries, which in 2014 saw 1 million books sent to Africa, all thanks
to the support of fundraisers. As well as this, Book Aid International has set
up training programmes to educate young people to create a future generation
who will stop us sinking in to the dystopian society we could be heading

These may seem like small numbers when compared to the amount of books the UK
is swimming in, but without the help of Book Aid International, millions of
people would be without the joy that reading can bring. If we’re to look at
just some of dystopian books around, lots bring up the issue of a society
without the freedom of books, which is not all that dissimilar to the current
situation in many countries around the world.

We must do something to prevent this future from becoming a reality, whether
that’s donating and supporting the charity or spreading the word of what
they’re doing. So, make sure to check out Book Aid International and see the
wonders that they are creating around the world and stop our future from being
without books – who knows what could happen if we didn’t have reading to
satisfy our imaginations…

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