Review: The Storm – Virginia Bergin


If you, like us, read and loved The Rain by Virginia Bergin,
or even if you didn’t, go and order yourself a copy of The Storm – you really
won’t regret it. We thought the first book was as good as it was going to get,
but how wrong we were. In the opening paragraphs of the second book, we find
ourselves instantly back into the head of Ruby, a place full of the world’s
demons and pain, but still with that ever familiar voice that hooked us in The

One of the best parts of the duology is Ruby’s mental state,
which went from barely stable in the first book to very unstable in the second.
This was great when paired with her unique voice in the book because it really
showed the effect the dystopia had had on her life – wouldn’t you be going a
little crazy if the world’s population had been destroyed by killer rain? We
think you would. The mental side of dystopian societies is something that isn’t
often explored by authors, but is so important for us to connect to our
protagonist. Virginia Bergin really nailed the spot in The Storm and created an
even more realistic dystopian world – not one that you would find us rushing to
any time soon.

In The Rain, we saw a very strange but heart-warming
connection grow between Ruby and Darius Sprat which left itself open to
numerous possibilities to be explored in The Storm. Even though it did become a
romantic relationship between the two (not that Ruby would have ever dared to
imagine it when the apocalypse kicked in) it didn’t take over the story which
seems to be case in most young adult books. This gave the series another
refreshing spin and left us wanting more from Ruby’s unique story.

Once you get to the point where you have read a lot of
dystopian books, they become fairly easy to predict what will happen, which doesn’t
leave much for the story to give you as the reader. Well, worry not, The Storm
has enough twists and turns to keep you happy and is definitely a gripper (good
luck trying to put it down) whilst being unpredictable all the while. Even
though there are a couple of times when you might scream out “I KNEW IT” in
excitement of the unveiling of secrets, by no means does this make the story
another one of your typical dystopias. In fact, The Storm is an incredibly
realistic spin on the world as we know it and certainly leaves you wanting

Sadly, The Storm is the last book in the series which means
no more Ruby, but on the plus side no more killer rain! Like many last books in
series, the ending of The Storm did feel quite rushed which was a slight disappointment
after the brilliant build-up of tension throughout the two books. Maybe, like
us, the author just didn’t want her story to end. All the same, The Rain and
The Storm are two books that will definitely stay with us, even as we move on
to other dystopian books and widen our bookshelves.

The Storm is out on February 26th, so, if you
haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy, here’s where you can find one

Age recommendation – YA

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