ReMade Episode 1 review


Welcome to my first mini review for the brand new serial ReMade from Serial Box. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post which explains all about this new series, who Serial Box are and what I’ll be bringing to you weekly!

ReMade episode 1 review!

–  When I started this episode, at first it didn’t seem very dystopian – I thought this would put me off (me being the person who literally only reads dystopia!!) but it actually did the opposite. I knew this series was sci-fi with dystopian elements, so I was really intrigued to see how this would come into play. We start off the episode in a familiar Earth situation (you know, boy has crush on girl, girl doesn’t notice boy etc etc – all mundane things) which slowly unfolds into a more sci-fi environment. 

–  I’m new to audiobooks and the only thing I’ve actually listened to is the one for Illuminae which is a big production. So in comparison the audiobook narrator for ReMade isn’t quite as compelling, but it’s still enjoyable to listen to and perfect for any kind of travelling (for me, riding the bus back from college each day). What I actually really love about the audiobook version of the episodes, is that I can get more “reading” in in a day. I’m someone who gets travel sick really easily, so reading and traveling is out of the question (sad, I know!), so being able to listen the the audiobook version of the episodes means I’m consuming much more literature than normal! I love it! 

–  One small touch I particularly liked about the pilot episode was the mention of an Amnesty International sticker on the bumper of Seyah’s car. I know it’s only a tiny aspect of the serial, but I liked the idea that one of our main characters was a supporter of such a brilliant organisation and it really links with the dystopian elements of the serial. 

–  Personally, I preferred reading to listening to this episode as I have a tendency to zone out when I’m listening to audio books and totally miss what’s happening, and I’m a much quicker reader than the audio is because obviously speaking something takes longer than reading it.

–  The length of each episode is perfect and this one in particular was ideal for the pilot. It’s the same amount of time it takes to watch an episode of a TV series (40 minutes to read) which is so clever. 

–  Just from reading the pilot, the setting and story reminds me slightly of The 100 (the TV show, I still haven’t read the book!) and The Maze Runner. It has that same deserted earth feel The 100 has, and the maze and weird robot spider things that The Maze Runner has. James Dashner actually reviewed this serial and seems to have liked it, so I’m intrigued to see where it will go.

–  This episode really has the feel of a pilot episode – it’s setting the scene for what’s to come and leaves enough questions needed to be answered to make you want to read/listen to more. Whilst this episode wasn’t quite what I was expecting (I was hoping for more dystopia), there’s SO much potential for the rest of the serial, and I already find myself growing attachments to characters! I’ve never been a huge fan of pilot episodes of anything because I don’t yet know the characters well enough, but I’m sure over the next few episodes I’ll be hooked!

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