Review: Blinded by the Light – Joe Kipling


Author: Joe Kipling

Series: The Union Trilogy

Book: Blinded by the Light

Book in series: 1 of 3


Publisher: Cillian Press

Release date: October 2013

ISBN: 978-1-909776-00-5


Reasons to delve into Blinded by the Light:

* It bravely discusses the sensitive concept of torture and killing, which makes perceptive comments on our own society’s management and the lengths people will go to be in power.

* Jose Kipling challenges the idea of seemingly pristine governments, which only makes you question what we know about the world we live in and shows how important books like these are to make us realise the fact.

* It brilliantly captures how loss can have detrimental effects on a young person, which is portrayed in a realistic view that we could easily (and hauntingly) imagine ourselves in the place of. This is so important in dystopias as we need to connect to the person who’s journey we are absorbed in to actually believe the story.

* The whole premise of the book draws you in – who wouldn’t want to read a dystopia about a society divided by the threat of disease, death and government lies? Well, maybe fans of dystopian books wouldn’t – but are there any? Not here there aren’t.

If we could change anything it would be:

* For it to have a deeper level of description to build the tension, especially for the events that leads our protagonist to finding the truth about her society.

* A slower pace – the book felt quite rushed, meaning we weren’t able to get to know our protagonist, so we didn’t miss her once we had finished the book.

* That the release date of the second and third books was sooner – we just can’t wait that long to get our hands on them to find out what happens!

Age recommendation – YA

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