Mind Games review


If you’re looking for a book to race your way through this
weekend, then Mind Games is definitely
one for you. Even though the book starts off fairly slow, Mind Games takes the gripping dystopia we found in Teri Terry’s
first book, Slated, to a whole new level
of anticipation and mind (get it…?) blowing events that leave us in utter despair.

The dystopia we find ourselves in is a technology orientated,
post world war three society, which brings us the development of Implants, a system
that allows humans to access the virtual world and experience things otherwise
impossible. One interesting concept throughout the whole book is the idea that a
minority of people, including our protagonist Luna, have refused from having an
implant. This means they must do things like attend school the ‘old fashioned
way’, unlike most of society which uses the virtual world for everything and
loses the connection with their bodies lying in life-supports, whilst their
minds explore the realms of possibilities.

Our protagonist, Luna, is fairly typical when it comes to
standing out from the rest of society (isn’t this the case in most dystopias?)
however what sets her apart is her reasons for refusing and the things she
discovers about herself whilst trying to uncover society’s biggest secret. One
of the most interesting elements of Luna is her questioning of the world which
leads to her finding herself, and the fact that she really would do anything to
protect her family. Even though at first she isn’t very easy to relate to, as
the story unfolds and we begin to see the real her, you can’t help but warm to
her and find your heart wrenching as the book takes unexpected turns.

The most exciting part of this book was the never ending
twists in the story which stopped the book from being a predictable dystopia,
and made it really stand out as a truly thrilling read. The world building of
the book set it apart from Teri Terry’s debut novel Slated, and really
showcased the author’s growth and strengths as a writer. As this book is one
which plays with the virtual world, it gave Teri Terry the flexibility she
needed to be able to form a new book with original concepts, which she
certainly succeeded in doing.

Like with all dystopias, the author must choose whether or
not to continue the book into a trilogy or series which of course determines
they play out of events within the first book. Mind Games is a stand alone book
which means that the events were not dragged out, such is the case with many
series of books, but luckily were not rushed due to the natural flow of the

So, whether you’re already reading a book or are emptying
your shelves in the hopes to find one, go and get yourself a copy of Mind Games
and indulge yourself in a world full of never ending excitement, twists, crazy
dystopian governments and gripping events.

Here’s where you can get a copy:

Age recommendation – YA


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    • Delve into Dystopia 25/07/2015 at 7:36 am

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment – it's people like you that keep me writing :). I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and find new books to read.

      • Eyob 01/03/2016 at 6:47 am

        Finally, someone gets it! I alwyas hate hearing about trends, but it seems like no one wants to let me not hear about them! I agree, just write with your gut.

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