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Name: Alex Campbell

Jobs: PR, Copywriter, Author

Facts: Alex decided that she wanted to be a writer at 8 years old, and this came true in 2014 when her debut novel Land was published.

Books: Land, Cloud Nine



The sea rose. Civilisation was wiped out, countries drowned. Out of the ashes of a desperate refugee camp, a new society was born, with a new place to call home: Land. Trapped by an aggressive sea, its citizens were bound to rules that saw the weak removed, marriage and children by approval only, and designated work for all. All for the greater good……

Decades later, and seventeen year-old Christy’s life is on the cusp of irrevocable change. She has become eligible for the Pairing, a carefully selected marriage of political and social convenience where romance is out of the question. Her grandmother, Cons, has also reached a significant age – sixty-six: soon the Selection Truck will arrive to take her away forever.

Christy’s only hope for protection lies with her missing rebel father…..but nothing goes as it’s supposed to. As Christy finds a Pair who might offer a new opportunity for love and security she also uncovers a destiny that has been hidden from her; truths that have been disguised as childhood lies. With Cons’ life under threat, Christy is forced to face a whole new world, one where she must choose between those she cares about and the greater good….a new life where she must play the reluctant rebel, the revolutionary, the lover…..the assassin.  


The moment that people decide to
pick up a pen (or a laptop) and write a book is very unique to that individual.
Have you always wanted to be an author?
Yes, since I was about eight – it sort of hit me
like a tidal wave once I had started reading books to myself: THIS was what I
needed to do. Writing and imagining stories was where I felt I naturally
What inspires you to write?

People watching. I love people
watching. In all kinds of settings – in schools, in cafes, on the beach, up
mountains. Just watching and listening to the way people talk and move and
dress and behave. And then of course other stories, books and films (I’m a
film addict), ones from history, the ones people tell from their own
Can you recommend any dystopian
novels our readers may not have heard of?

The recent YA dystopias are the ones getting
most of the coverage but it’s good to remember the classic stories out there
like Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ and Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’.
Or even Charles Dickens’ ‘Tale of Two Cities’ I’ve heard being
classed  dystopian…! For me, ‘1984’ remains the dystopian star.

Are there any human rights issues
other than the ones explored in you book that you would like to write about in
a dystopian novel?

I think female subjugation will always
interest me as it’s an issue close to my heart. Though in my next novel, ‘Cloud
9’, I got to take a look at the issues around Big Pharma and
prescription drugs, and the quick-fix culture of our time, which I found
really fascinating to research.

How important are dystopian books
in today’s society for young people?

For me, dystopian fiction, from when I was
younger, seems to mimic teenage life – that feeling of having no
control over your own destiny, of feeling oppressed, and not knowing
where you belong. I think the genre’s even more pertinent to today’s generation
of young people because of social media. The internet can feel like another
world, one where Big Brother watches what you say and what you like and
what you get up to. It’s a brave new world that can control you to an
extent (I know it can me), and sometimes leave you with a need to break out and
remind yourself of who you really are!   
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