Love in dystopian books


With Valentine’s Day on its way tomorrow, what better time
to indulge ourselves in a little dystopian romance? Of course, we’re not
talking Fifty Shades or anything, but sometimes just a little glimmer of love
can brighten up even the darkest of days, including those in dystopian worlds.




Let’s start off by looking at some of the bigger names in
dystopian fiction, yes we’re talking Katniss and Peeta. Though their journey
together didn’t start off well (he loved her, she only pretended to love him
back) the extent at which they fought for each other in the games really showed
how a connection can develop and arise just when you need it most.

In the second book, we saw the bond between them grow
further as their survival became even more at risk, but within that, we saw
Katniss actually allow herself to love and be loved by someone other than her

Of course in Mockingjay things changed when Peeta was tortured
into believing Katniss was the enemy, but in the end, their love for each other
was strong enough to pull them through and see the light in even the darkest of

Now, moving on to Divergent, we have Tris and Four with the
swoon-worthy fighting skills and heart wrenching love that got them through the
battle of being divergent. In the first book, we feel the chemistry between
them grow as initiation begins and the fight kicks off, but throughout it all,
they break down each other’s wall and unveil their inner selves.

In Insurgent, we see their love tested by the boundaries of
society, but nonetheless, they pull through and show the world their dedication
to one another. Even as those around them try to break them apart, nothing can
keep those two away from each other – not that we’re complaining.

And of course, in Allegiant, their love is again a struggle
but still there to pull them through when times got very complicated and
difficult. But let’s not go into how the trilogy ends – it was hard enough
reading it the first time; we don’t want Valentine’s Day to be ruined now do

On a happier note, Ruby and Vikram from The Many Lives of
Ruby Iyer made their lust for one another apparent right when things began to
get very messy. Despite the slight difference in age (isn’t there always one?) they
find themselves drawn to each other, even though they know little of each
other’s past. They protect each other in the madness of the dystopian world
and, even when their bond is tested, stay strong throughout it all. We just
hope their love will remain intact in the second book.

Though another tragic case of love, Noughts and Crosses showed
us that despite having differences and being separated by society, love is
something no one can take away from you. It is, of course, Sephy and Callum
with the amazing connection they once had as friends, turned into that of love.

These two are ones to be remembered in their fight for their
love of one another, and how, even as growing up causes a distance between them,
they rekindle their one of a kind connection. Despite being torn apart by society,
they really show what it means to love someone and how it isn’t something you
can control.
Now it’s on to Ruby from The Rain, where things don’t really
seem to have gone her way in romance. Yes, she did have that moment with her
dream boy Caspar, but how long did that last? Not very long I’m sure she’d tell
you, and things just went from bad to worse with Darius Sprat, but throughout
it all, she learned what it meant to have love in a family and that you will do
whatever it takes to find it again.

Kyla and Ben in Slated had a hard road when it came to love,
for starters neither of them could remember anything of their past, but those
around them never really supported their being together. However the love that
they did find stemmed from a connection which was first clear when they met and
became friends. Their easy friendship and later relationship really showed what
love is all about; how your partner can also be your best friend, and if so
then nothing can stop you finding each other.


Finally, we have Ana and Cole from The Glimpse, with their
dynamic relationship which enabled them to fight society and it’s mental health
labelling. The one thing that stands out about their love is the patience and
kindness they hold with each other, which is certainly reassuring when it comes
to finding love in not only dystopian worlds, but in our very own.

Of course we could go on forever about the relationships,
good and bad, in dystopian books, but then we wouldn’t have time to read any
more books! So, this Valentine’s Day, why not pick yourself up with a little
bit of love from those who know best, and surprise yourself over the delights
of relationships in dystopian books.

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