Interview – Gemma Malley


1.  Why did you choose to write a dystopian

I wanted to explore the
answers to questions that no one seemed to be
asking – like do we really want to live forever, or do we have control over
our own destinies?

2. How do you get your ideas?

From everywhere and anywhere! There’s no real way; I have to wait until
something is gnawing at me

3. How important is it to have a strong protagonist in
a dystopian novel?

It’s important to have a strong protagonist in every story; but strong in
terms of personality, or interest-factor; they don’t have to be some kind of
super hero. Usually it’s flaws that draw us into a character.

4. What should the opening to a dystopian novel

There’s no answer to that – you might go straight into the action, you
might be in the middle of a crisis, or it could be something completely
different. If writing was a matter of following a pattern it would be so
much easier than it is!

5. What writing tips can you give to our budding

Write something that fascinates you, be your best (and worst) critic,
don’t be too impatient and stick with it

6. What other dystopian novels have caught your eye?

I love Meg Rosoff… And the originals. Brave New World, Lord of the
Flies and 1984 need to be read.

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