What on earth is Delve into Dystopia about?

Welcome to Delve into Dystopia! 

You’ve made it this far (thank you for not leaving already) and you may be wondering what on earth this blog is about – if so, you’re not alone; sometimes I wonder the same thing… Well, Delve into Dystopia is all about dystopia (surprise, surprise) but not in the way you might think. 

To me, the idea of dystopia isn’t just about “dystopian books” (like The Hunger Games, which is an incredible book, but isn’t the definition of dystopia). From reading sooooo many dystopian books, I’ve become so tuned to finding dystopian elements, that they really can be found in almost every genre. I wrote more about this here, so if you don’t quite get what I mean, this post should sum it up for you.

Whilst Delve into Dystopia is about dystopian books, to me it’s also about trying to live your life as ethically as possible, reducing mental health issues, to eat and live healthily and find balance in all areas to prevent living in your own dystopia. Being happy on the outside, inside and mind are definitely the key steps to not living in our own dystopia, through eating well, using clean and gentle products and doing things like reading, yoga and relaxation to keep balanced and healthy.

You can read all about me here if you so wish, where I talk about my journey, what DiD means to me and how it’s evolved. 

Also, I wrote a post all about why I write about dystopia which you can read here.

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