Competition winner – 3rd place


Our recent Delve into Dystopia writing competition saw some
amazing entries from 11-16 year olds from all over the UK. Now that the winners
have been announced, it’s finally time to share with you the winning entries
that grabbed our attention. So, without keeping you waiting any longer, here is
one of our third place winners, Orion Blades.

Stumbling to the ground, he beat me again. No remorse. No mercy.
My blood was splattered across the stone riddled ground, the
disturbing taste of copper lingered in my mouth. He reached in  his
satchel and when his hand arose again, held in it was his baton. Slowly,
as if to torture me more, he stretched it out until it had reached it
full potential. It was only now I realised the crowd forming around us.
As I laid on the ground, beaten half dead, pieces of my teeth
shattered like glass on the floor, camouflaging themselves into the rocks.
They watched. In complete silence, as if it was a game.

“How dare you disrespect authority!” He screeched. But
still the crowd stayed silent.

He lifted his arm, bringing the baton behind his head and, for
a second, he paused. As if contemplating his next move. His muscles
were held tight and his hand covered in blood, my blood.

“I-I was only walk’n on the wrong s-side of the road, sir.
I didn’t mean to cause no trouble.”

My mouth burning and now my eyes watering, he stared at me, his
face blank.

“How dare you disrespect authority!” He screeched
again, in an identical tone.

I knew what was coming next, what always came next. The crowd
did to, and for the first time since this began, I saw emotion in there faces. Fear.
And just as I looked back at the dark abyss standing above me, he swung round
his arm and struck my face.

That’s the last thing I remember. I woke up here. In a dull room
with grey walls, surrounded by people telling me how lucky I was. That he malfunctioned
just before killing me, to he honest I would prefer to be dead.

Orion Blades

Make sure to keep up with the blog over the next month as we
share the other winning entries and showcase their amazing dystopian creations.


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