Competition winner – 2nd place


Here is our second 2nd place winner from our Delve into Dystopia writing competition, Ida Welsch and her gripping entry.

“January, the thirty-first, the seven o’clock News on
CYG… The House of Commons has passed a law concerning private sponsorship of
school materials.” the lulling voice in the radio moves up and down in a
consistent pattern “The law will show its importance through the financial
relief for parents, said Sir Thomas Mightwell, minister of Education, in a
press conference yesterday… The annual figures for economic growth have…”
George turns off the radio.

“Why did you do that?” I snap.

“Because I can’t hear their complacent prattling
anymore.” He says and continues eating his hyper-flakes.

“I want to know what is going on in my country.”

“They don’t tell you anything in the News. Just
reheated mash-up of the crap they don’t even believe themselves.” He has put
down the spoon and looks at me.

My brother is twenty-six and in desperate search for a
new job. However, with his political views it is hard for him to have a job
like I do. “You have grown so bitter lately, George.” I reply as I put my plate
in the dish washer.

He drinks the rest of his concentrated morning juice.
“I am not bitter. I just hear the truth knocking on my door.”

I smile. “And for how long did the truth stand outside
in the rain, waiting for you to open that damn door?”

“Interesting question. Maybe the government will
launch a new law against truths knocking on doors. We should write a nice
letter suggesting just that. “Dear impertinent government. Because we are
amazing young people, we have an idea that would make the world so much easier
for you…,” he says while making wild writing gestures with his hand. I hand him
a bag with his lunch inside.  

“Be honest just for one second. Why does it annoy you
so much that they have one or two new laws?” I lean against the table, facing
him now.

“You don’t understand.” He says and turns his back to
me. “It is about the bigger picture and you seem to be too naïve to get it.”

Anger boils up in me as I hear these words before he
walks out of the house. Five seconds later, something knocks on the front door
from outside.

“Uh, who might it be? Maybe the all-knowing truth that
can enlighten me with infinite wisdom and take away my apparent naivety?” I
chirp as loud as I can to make sure George hears me on the other side of the

“No, sis, it is just me. Give me the car keys and I
will leave you alone.”


Ida Welsch

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