Competition winner – 2nd place


Here is one of our 2nd place winners from our Delve into Dystopia writing competition, Darcy Blewett and her fantastic entry.

cloud of dust fell over the city and the perception of life changed completely.

warped door remained shut as if trying to avoid the truth of what lay outside.
I stretched my pale skeletal fingers towards the warmth of the light and my
cold skin crawled, I had become so used to darkness, in so many ways.

stepped partially into the rays and my shadow stopped and stood behind me, as
if she knew what was outside. No one went outside; not anymore.

sighed, and I felt myself step backwards into the darkness, which was now home,
the only place that was safe – but  not
for much longer.

blinked mole like, momentarily blinded, as I processed my thoughts.

moment of curiosity over came me- mother would always say I was a curious
little beastie. My body lurched for the door, eyes wide, mind focused. I
wrapped my fingers tight around the metallic handle. My life flashed before me.

As I used all
of my strength to unlock the hold the door, I was helped by a gust of wind that
blew the door open at once. I could not believe my eyes. The city was now a
wasteland. The corpses of desolate buildings lay quietly. Disfigured faces of
the people and City filled my vision.

Where was I?

Did I ever live

Does this place

Do I exist?
Darcy Blewett

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