Competition winner – 1st place


And here we have it, the winning entry by Ellie Poole from our Delve into Dystopia writing competition. Ellie’s entry really captures the horrific dystopia our world is heading towards in a gripping, mesmerising way. So, without any more waiting, here it is…

The world is a long, dark tunnel. Beautiful and silent, but
dark. The Secret is like the candle. It lights up the tunnel and shows you the
world. It draws back the curtain and shows you all the cracks and crevices you
never saw before. It shows you all of the bad and all of the good: which one
you see the most of depends on the Secret you get.

years ago, there was a breach in the Government’s computer system. It shut it
down completely and obliterated every file and document within it. There was no
way of reprogramming it, and certainly no way they could build a stronger code
system to keep out the hackers now they’d lost all their information.
Technology was deemed hopeless. So the Government devised a new way to keep all
their information.

They would assign every person a Secret. A Secret that they would get on their
sixteenth birthday and keep for the rest of their lives. A Secret that would be
shared with no one, no matter what.

People say that the Secrets have become much more
bizarre in recent years. Eighty-eight years ago, people had to remember a name,
an address, a place or an event. Now, some people are rumoured to have to keep
much more significant and tragic things than that. Sometimes, people go insane
because of the size of their Secret. Sometimes people accidentally let them
slip. They’re sent off to the Gallows, if they weren’t shot right there and
then, that is.

knows what their Secret is going to be. You’re given whatever you get and made
to keep it until the day you die. And everyone will – if they haven’t already –
get one. There are no exceptions.

                I get
my Secret tomorrow.
Ellie Poole
So that’s it; all our winning entries have been published and the competition has ended, but not to worry, we have plenty more giveaways, competitions and exciting dystopian books coming your way soon. In the meantime, keep reading, keep writing, and most importantly, keep delving into dystopia.

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