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It’s that time of year again when people far and wide are looking for something special to get their loved one this Valentine’s Day. Today we’re bringing you some ideas of what to get your bookworm this year, with some of our favourite brands and homemade presents to give your gift a personal touch.

We couldn’t talk about gifts for book lovers without mentioning stationary and Paperchase UK has to be our go to place for notebooks. We are so in love with this medium notebook (we were lucky enough to get it for Christmas) – the yellow band against the grey background really works and even as neutral lovers we love the happiness that the yellow brings. These small notebooks are also great as they are the perfect size to slip into your handbag and have to hand when those moments of inspiration hit. Also, it would be useful to give someone a set of notebooks with a nice pen or pencil, so that they are all set for writing – no more excuses for not getting creative!

If your bookworm is anything like us, then they’re bound to need something to carry all of their books, pens and notebooks in, and these bags from Scaramanga are perfect. Choose from a small shoulder bag for them to be able to bring a single book, or a bigger satchel to fit all of their essentials in whilst they travel from one adventure to the next. Also, we have this beautiful pencil case from Scaramanga which is big enough to fit all of our stationary stuff in (which is a lot – we are stationary lovers through and through). Not only does it look and feel very stylish, but it gives people the illusion that inside are sophisticated pens and products, when really we keep our animal rubbers and cat highlighters in it…



When we think of books, bookmarks instantly come to mind. Our favourite has to be this magnetic Moomin bookmark which is unbelievably cute, but also very pretty. We’re not sure where you could get these in the UK or US as they came all the way from Japan, but anything similar would still work. You should be able to buy stylish bookmarks just about anywhere – WHSmith, your local bookshop, supermarkets and even some fashion stores sell them, so, in theory, they’re easy to get hold of but still make a thoughtful present. Having said that, we’ve noticed they’re not as common as we’d like, at least ones that we’d like to buy aren’t.

As planner addicts we love getting organised and stickers are such a pleasing way of marking an upcoming event or decorating pieces of writing. Mind Wave inc create the best stickers we’ve ever had, but unfortunately they are only from Japan as far as we’re aware – please let us know if there’s anyway of getting hold of them here in the UK, we are desperate to expand our collection! Another brand of stickers that we love is Midori – we have these afro highlighter stickers which are perfect for signifying dates, but these Love Bird ones would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Just about all stationary shops sell some nice stickers, including Moomin (our Little My ones are so cute!), Paperchase and other high street stores.

If you know someone who is a bookworm, then we’re certain that you’ll have seen them with a mug of tea whilst devouring a fictional world. Herbal teas make the perfect accompaniment to any read and our favourite brands have to be Pukka and Yogi Tea. They both have a huge selection of flavours, so there’s something for everyone whether that be for a calming, energising or soothing mood. To make this present even more complete, why not get them a mug to drink their new tea in – we love this one from Marimekko (their patterns are gorgeous) but they’re quite hard to hold with one hand (a two hand hug works, but then you have to prop your book up!) so bare that in mind when choosing one for your special someone.


This recipe for rocky road by Deliciously Ella will have you fooled that it is a naughty treat, but it’s actually super healthy (which we love!). It’s made from pumpkin seeds, raw cacao, dates, almonds, buckwheat and so much more goodness that it will make you and your beloved feel amazing but still get that chocolatey fix that Valentine’s Day calls for. A homemade treat really does add a personal touch to any gift, and the fact that it’s good for you makes this recipe perfect. You could always add some freeze dried raspberries on the top to look like rose petals, or swap the carrot juice in the icing for beetroot or strawberry juice to give it a lovely pink/red tint. This recipe might be for Halloween but trust us, it’s amazing whatever time of year – as bookworms and health lovers we can’t think of anything better after a busy day than sitting down with a piece of this whilst reading a good book, can you?

Even if you don’t have anyone to buy these presents for, then don’t worry – these make the perfect gifts to give to yourself too! Just make sure that you relax this Valentine’s Day, especially after the hectic month that has been January, with some good reading material and a warm bed to snuggle up in. If you do buy any of these ideas for you or for someone else, make sure to tag us on social media with #delveintodystopia to share these bookish must haves.

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