April Favourites


I love superfoods, they’re one of those things that can make the world of difference to a smoothie, meal or snack. Creative Nature produce some pretty incredible powders and bars, including chia seeds which are the best egg replacement in recipes, a great source of Omega-3, and just so pretty! Their raw cacao powder is a favourite of mine, as it’s not as bitter as some brands but still gives a pretty incredible chocolate hit. Their bars are also the best on-the-go snack as I know I don’t have to think about trying to find food I can eat (anyone else have the same issue of finding food?) if I have one of these in my bag.


If you’ve been following Delve into Dystopia or me on Instagram, you’ve probably worked out by now that I’m a pretty big raw chocolate fan. I tried IQ Superfood Chocolate a while ago after being lured by its name, and I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite raw chocolate as it’s not quite as creamy as other brands, but I loved their original flavour – it tastes just like dark chocolate so is perfect with a cup of herbal tea after dinner.



Snacks are one of my favourite things in life. It’s sad, I know, but food is on my mind about 80% of the time so I find pretty much any opportunity to eat. When people say to me they don’t believe in snacking I want to cry. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it never makes sense to me – surely it’s better to regulate your energy levels and blood sugar levels by snacking more frequently and eating smaller meals? Well, I might be alone on that one, but either way, I have just found two of my all-time favourite snack brands – Shores of Africa and Raw Gorilla. Shores of Africa make “Coconut Thins” out of just coconut milk and potato starch and they are the yummiest things! They come in four flavours: original; pineapple; mango and banana and chilli – my favourite is definitely the original. Raw Gorilla, like the name suggests, make raw snacks and breakfast cereals with completely natural (and seriously yummy) ingredients. I’m yet to try their cereals, but I became seriously addicted to their Raw Munchies and managed to eat two packets during a photo shoot!



As an avid reader and writer, sometimes I find it hard to remember to stay hydrated. Because I don’t eat sugar and avoid processed food and drink, it can be quite limiting what I can drink, especially as water can seem quite boring (to me at least.) Just Bee and Tree Vitalise specialise in natural, delicious drinks and both taste amazing. Just Bee use honey to sweeten their drinks and mix some pretty delicious flavours together, from green tea, to blueberry. Tree Vitalise harvest the sap from birch trees for two weeks in March, ready to bottle and be drank. I’d never tried birch water before, but I’m a huge coconut water fan, so I was hoping I’d like this too, and I definitely did. It was so refreshing and the packaging is so beautiful you just want to drink it. I love the fact they use glass bottles, so they’re recyclable and nice to drink out of too.



I was sent some of these amazing products by companies to be able to share with you, but that in no way sways my view of them, and I would only share products that I genuinely love. If you have a company with products related to the life of a bookworm that you’d like to see featured, don’t hesitate to get in touch at




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