And the winners are…

If any of you have been keeping up with the blog lately, you may have noticed that we ran a writing competition for 11-16 year olds in the UK – well guess what, we have our winners.
We had some really amazing entries come in which made shortlisting them near to impossible, luckily for us, we didn’t have to decide on the winners, author Claire Merle did.
So, without keeping you waiting any longer, here are our winners:
1st Place: Ellie Poole
2nd Place: Darcy Blewett and Ida Welsch
3rd Place: Orion Blades and Iona Carslaw
A huge well done to all of you, each entry so gripping and enticing, they should all be written into books! We will be posting all of the winning entries over the course of this month, so look out for new posts and enjoy reading them.
Here’s what Claire Merle said about the competition:
“It was a real pleasure to read all the finalist entries. Each author showed a talent for weaving a story and grabbing the reader’s interest. Some of the entrants painted with words in ways that were magical and poetic, while others skillfully developed scenes with character and dialogue. Because the standard was very high, one of the elements that I was particularly looking for was originality in world detail — an opening that promised to take us to a dystopian world we hadn’t seen before. 
The winning entry, Secrets by Ellie Poole, combined a unique twist on the dystopian theme with an enticing, lyrical voice, and an excellent clarity of structure and pacing. Ellie managed to weave exposition, description and character voice flawlessly to create an opening that is intriguing and rich and leaves the reader keen to know more. Congratulations!
And my congratulations to Miss Dystopia for holding such a dynamic competition and giving aspiring authors a chance to show their talent.” 
Make sure to look out for future competitions and giveaways on the blog, as well as new book reviews and authors, but most importantly, keep delving into dystopia.

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